• Let top Traders do The Job For You.

    We have been proud to offer traders powerful and research backed Trades

  • Get More Freedomin the Markets

    You focus on earning more. We'll make sure Only thing you regret is not investing more.

  • With 75-85% Accuracy Rates

    We have been doing this for years now.
    And provide the choicest of Trades to you.

  • Backed By thoroughresearch & Risk Analysis

    All The Trades that we send you are Hand_picked By Experienecd & Active Market Participants & Band Of reserchers


Complete Risk-Reward Analysis

Well-Defined Policies & Principles

Fast execution & Complete Disclosure

0% Commission on Profits

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Choose from 6 asset classes and get access to a Pool of Calculated Trades

Index Option

Index Futures

Stock Option

Stock Futures

Value Stock

Growth Stock

Why choose 45 Trades ?

We offer Analysis Based Trading Tips Curatred by Actie & Experienced Market Participants & Researcher's Panel.


Wide Range of Instruments

We Deal in vast range of Instruments Including Index Futures · Index Options · Stock Futures · Stock Options · Value Stock · Growth Stock · Century Stock


Unparalleled Screening

Each And Every Trade That Gets Delivered to You is Filtered through Policies & Principles We Set At 45 Trades inspite of Research done by The Panel.


Globally Market Scan

The Trades are Wittily Curated after taking into account the Global trends in Options of assets across the classes.


Committed to Your Success

We ensure Hand Holding and Process Transparency. We take into account the safety of your money more than you. We Walk you Throught the Why part of the Trade Too.


Regular Follow-Up Calls

Our Team Memebers Periodically Call You For Capital Re-Structuring & Re-Classification of Your Profile to Best Risk Strategy and Signal Future Tips Accordingly.



Index Options · Stock Futures · Stock Options

The Only Tips Subscription You Need to Trade across Index Futures · Index Options · Stock Futures · Stock Options · Value Stock · Growth Stock · Century Stock

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How We Choose The Trades


  • Team constituted with Active & Experienced Trades & a Panel of Researchers
  • Analysis of Global Trends
  • Analysis Of National trends
  • Looking For Arbitarge Opportunities
  • Looking For Opportunities in Options Chains
  • Submission to Screening Departments


  • Comparing The Recieved Trades with 45Trades Standards
  • Looking for derailments from Policies or Principles
  • Submissions of Shortfalls to the Panel
  • Final Screening of Trades

Filtered Trades

Best Trades
  • Gauging the Potential Performance
  • Analysis of RISK-REWARD Ratio
  • Grouping Trades According to Risk Profiles
  • Classifying Trades for Clients based on their Capital and Risk Profile
  • Signal Delivery

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